Contracting opportunity for district modeling for 1200 acre site in Sunnyvale, CA

BluePoint Planning is looking for an energy modeler to assess current electrical capacity, identify order-of-magnitude future loads based on planned development of a 1200 acre site in Sunnyvale, CA. The analysis will help to inform the development of district-scale energy systems to meet demand in the most climate-friendly way possible. This analysis would be done through the National Renewable Energy Lab’s UrbanOpt tool or an equivalent tool able to evaluate energy beyond building scale and to consider multiple user types, load profiles, and opportunities to share and distribute loads across multiple sources.

The City of Sunnyvale, CA is working to update its Specific Plan for Moffett Park (1200 acres), an effort that was catalyzed by significant development of Google’s campus in the park. BluePoint Planning is working with the City of Sunnyvale to create a plan to guide infrastructure development in Moffett Park, and to make a highly sustainable “eco-innovation” district that supports residential and commercial buildings. BluePoint and the City are interested in exploring district-scale energy systems, including ambient loop thermal energy, microgrids, and more.

This is an opportunity to take part in a high-profile project. Please reach out to discuss capabilities, experience, and scope for the project. Send qualifications and letter of interest to: