Conversion of Dragonfly model to Honeybee results in geometry distortion

Hi all,
I’ve been experimenting with the creation of Dragonfly models and converting them to Honeybee models to run energy simulations. In doing so i’ve come across some odd geometry distortion after the conversion to a Honeybee model. See image below. I’ve found that this only occurs

  1. if the model has glazing
  2. often when the geometry is not aligned to the XY plane. (Example 1 rotated 10 degrees)
  3. often when the geometry has an irregularity such as a corner cut off (Example 2)

Could anyone explain why this may be occurring? is it simply a visualisation problem or something in the actual conversion? Are there any workarounds besides creating the honeybee model directly?

GH file attached with further scenarios of this occurring. Any advice would be appreciated!

DF to HB model (170.8 KB)

@chris @mostapha Any ideas on this?

Hi @amynuccio ,

I’m really sorry for the late response here and thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I agree that it is really weird and it’s likely a bug in the Dragonfly > Honeybee translation. It only seems to affect the apertures and I think it’s possible that it’s just a bug with the display and the simulation may actually be ok. I will investigate first thing tomorrow and likely push a fix.

Thanks again.

Hi @amynuccio ,

Thank you so much for finding this bug and reporting it with such a clear sample file that recreated the issue. It was an issue that was deep in the code and it only affected Dragonfly Models that made use of the DF Single Window Parameters component (all other types of window parameters are fine). So that is why we did not discover the issue until now. In any event, I have just pushed a fix to the code base:

… and I verified that it is working for all of the Dragonfly models in your sample:

The fix should be available with the LB Versioner component by the end of today.

Thank you again for your help here.