Conversion unit

Hello there !

Long time no see, I was wondering if anybody had an easier process to convert temperatures, the one I found seems a little complicated.

Should we have a one button thingy just like in Ladybug legacy, I think it was called C2F

Have you tried the LB_UnitConverter component?

You mean this one ?
Yes, it is being used, but the problem is that it intakes only values and most data from any LAdybug components has a header, something else, that prevents it from converting anything.
Then you need to add the header back.
I was wondering if there was a way to do conversions directly from the data stream out from most ladybug components.

My mistake,
You need to use either the Lb to Ip or LB to Unit components, like so:


It’s almost impossible to call for it if you don’t know it exists, it might be wise to add the word “Converter” or “Convert” to this element.
Thanks anyways, hopefully this post will help other people.