Convert .idf to .rad

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I am working on multi-objective optimization of day lighting and energy consumption.

In this framework I need to convert EP materials i used in the model to RAD materials.

Are you starting from an idf file or you’re putting the model together inside Grasshopper? In the second case you can deconstruct the construction and the inner most material and use the corresponding value (which is different based on the material type) to create the radiance materials.

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but i think there is misunderstanding
i want to study the effect of the same glass type on daylighting and energy performance
to be specific, I created many glass materials in Window , then export these materials to idf files, after that i created EP materials in HB.
but i cant find the values of R,G,B transmittance and refract values of these material to be able to create rad material.

Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari,
In a simple way, can I get rad material from window ???

Hi Ahmed,

In the same way you export idf files for your glazing constructions you can export BSDF files for your glazing from Window. I think if you put these settings to Window, calculating your U/SC values will create the BSDF reports which you can then export. You can then use the Honeybee_Radiance BSDF material component to import it in your definition.

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Hi Theodoros,

I really appreciate your reply but unfortunately i do not know how can i get the menu in the image you had uploaded.
If you kindly tell me how to get this menu as i export idf report from the menu in the image i had uploaded.
Thank you