Convert parametric BREP geometry into BREP for the Honeybee energy analysis tool

I need help with my script. I have modelled a separate geometry where I can change the parameters of the building. However, I am not able to connect my geometry to the HB energy script.
I tried making a BREP and connecting it to the energy tool however it didn’t work.

Through the glazing creator of the HB energy tool I have made a boxey building, however Im not able to change the number of floors or the X axis Y axis size of the building.

Could you help me with it. Stuck in it.

Hi @asmar,

Have a look in the samples folder which comes along with the downloads.

Can you please share the link to it?
Secondly is this file you’re referring to , can be connected to the honey bee energy analysis?

Hi @asmar

If You download the latest version it comes with a folder called: “samples”.
Here you can find different workflows. For your case probably the dragonfly workflows are the best option.
But you can also look at the Honeybee workflows.

The Dragonfly model can easily be converted to a Honeybee model.