Convert Units in Header

I’m reading data from an epw weather file and successfully converting the units from C to F. I would like to convert the units in the header. When I reconstruct the data, the values are in F but the header still says C. This could be misleading for new members on my team. Is there a way to convert the units in the header as well to be appropriately represented? I am using Rhino 7 with Ladybug 1.4.0

HI @Crashnorun ,

Just copying the old header like that to a new data collection is not the best practice for this case. You should use the LB To Unit component to change the units of a data collection instead of the LB Unit Converter.

Or, better yet, if you just want to change something from the standard SI unit to the standard IP unit, use the LB To IP component: (18.8 KB)