Convert Units of Radiation Analysis Legend from kWH/m2 to BTU/ft2

Hello Forum,

Is there a way to change the legend measurement of the Solar Radiation Analysis from kWh/m2 to BTUs/ft2?

I’m sure there is, I just can’t figure out the steps involved.

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Hi Reid,

You need to 1. convert Radiation results, then 2. Use Create legend component.

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Thanks for posting, Omid, and you are on the right track but, by default the WH2BTU component just converts the energy units (kilowatts to kilo-BTUs). Not the flux (Energy per unit area). So you just need one more step in order to convert the values to kBTU/ft2. Also, I might recommend using the recolor mesh so that you can more easily set the legend bounds bu the create legend component is a fine solution as well.

I should also note that the WH2BTU component is smart enough to convert EUI (also energy per unit area) for energy model results as long as there’s a Ladybug header on the data. But, by default, it’s only doing an energy unit conversion.

Thanks for the response. That worked great!

That EUI conversion also sounds interesting, I’ll have to dig into that sometime.