Cooling and Heating schedules in Honeybee


I have created my own schedules for the zones which correspond to their occupancy. However I am getting this error constantly. Does someone know the cause for this error?

Hi @thisf,

Your schedules are not really making sense. Cooling schedule is not the same as summer living. If you set the cooiling setpoint to 0 it will try to cool down your room to 0 degrees. If you want to have no cooling during not occupation hours, you will have to put here 40 degrees or more. In that case it will start cooling only when room temperature is exceding 40 [C]
The problem is less for the heating setpoint schedule, although it is better not to let cool a room down to 0 degrees.

Hi @Erikbeeren. Thanks a lot for your solution, it did not make sense indeed. The simulation is running like a charm now.

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