Cooling demand lower in July

Hello everybody,

As part of a project we are modelling a variety of historical building archetypes to calculate the influence of different retrofitting strategies on the heating and cooling demands. We have noticed that in all building archetypes there is a dip in cooling demand in July, even though this is the hottest month in the area of study:

Does anyone has any insight why there could be this dip in cooling demand in July? We have checked the weather file, and the design days for July are the hottest, so we expected July to have similar cooling demands as June and Aug.

Many thanks!

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I recommend to check at a different resolution, i.e. hourly, and plot a heatmap of that. I suspect the schedules are causing that in july something is happening in the use of the buildings that makes the cooling lower.
I will do that just for one building to see what is going on.

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