Create a dielectric glass window

Hi everybody!

My idea is to test a window that reflects the daylight to the ceiling so the light travels deeper into the room, but I have been struggling for a long time with no success. The idea is something like this:

I have create a script based in this two tutorials: 1, 2, but I keep getting errors and can’t find a clear way to do it.
First, I try to use the genBSDF definition to generate a .xml file to load it later as a material like shown in the tutorial 1, but when I load it into the BSDF viewer I obtain very different results than the tutorial, and it becomes obvious when I perform the image based simulation in Honeybee.

Does anyone know why my script is not working properly? do you know how to create dielectric materials that behave the way I explained? is there a more straightforward method to do this?
Find attached the script and .xml filegenBSDF_prismatic redirecting fenestration (1).gh (527.7 KB)
Dielectricprismtest_1.xml (461.7 KB)

Thank you in advance and best regards,

This sounds like it is a question for the Radiance forum since the people there can answers about genbsdf.

All I can say here is that, if you get a BSDF file that accurately represents the dielectric glass, Honeybee shouldn’t have any issue simulating it.

Thank you for the quick response @Chris, that is what I will do.