Create a ground in Butterfly case


I was wondering if it was possible to implement a ground in an openfoam case (thanks to Butterfly)

In my mind it would look like this

But maybe I’m mistaken on how to generate it. But if I generate the ground like an object then we would have something like this (see below) and this a totally other case (with false turbulences at the edge of my ground object).

Does someone have an idea?


You can use Windtunnelparameters and set the ratio of Windward, Sides, and Leeward as small as .possible (e.g. 0.00001).

However, I suggest that you magnify the edges of the terrain to reduce the error of the calculation.

hope can hlep you

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Can you share your script ?

I have an issue with the Wind tunnel grading component

  1. Solution exception:Attempted to divide by zero.

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I’m sorry I didn’t save my case file, but my process is very simple and in most cases you can easily do it。
For smaller Wind tunnels, the inability to automatically grid the Wind Tunnel grading component is temporarily inevitable (my understanding) and I recommend that you manually grid your grading.

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