Create a shade and lighting schedule

I want to simulate shading and energy along with the light schedule. I intend to use the EPWindowShades component, take a light analysis, and define the lighting schedule from the output so that my simulation depends on daylight. I want to do it befor the shading surface be independently connected to the HB _ EPContextSrf component to get the energy output.
But I don’t get any output from the component if set number 1 for number of shade.why?
How can I create a lighting schedule based on daylight before simulating energy with shading surface?

I attached a simple file. (604.2 KB)

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Hi Mohammad
I didn’t get the point but i guess you can check Integrated Daylight and Energy simulation, it may help you.

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I want to use exactly the same method, but before producing the light schedule, I want to use shades and then produce the lighting schedule and get the energy output.


By default, when you assign any shading control, Honeybee calculates the indoor illuminance in the center of the zone as a reference point that works with the Daylight:Control object of the E+.

So, you dont need to do anything actually, since HB overrides the lighting schedule fractions when a shading control is implemented; however, there are some limitations within HB like the number of reference points, in which you can override and customize your own setting by using additional strings which makes it a bit complicated but it is possible.


Thank you very much for your reply
The problem is that if I set a schedule manually or by default for artificial lighting, the final lighting consumption is fixed by changing the size of the window and the number of shades.But if I take a light analysis and generate a lighting schedule related to daylight, the final lighting consumption will eventually vary.

To solve this problem, if I use shadowBreps output directly for daylight analysis, the problem will be solved.

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Hi Mohammad,
I had the same problem, I also want to make my shading affect my lighting schedule, but I don’t know where you said the shadow Breps is directly connected to daylight analysis
thank you very much!

Hello @zhenzhoulai
sorry, I will answer you late.
You can use this sample file to Integrated Daylight and Energy simulation:
Integrated Daylight and Energy simulation