Create a sun shaders for optimization of radiation on windows for summer and winter

Hello everyone. I am working on my master thesis now. I have to create a set of sun shaders for windows to minimize summer radiation and maximize winter radiation. For this i calculate the sun vector angles by using ladybug. I am trying to set sun shaders with some paramaters like number of shaders, direction of shader (vertical, horizontal and combination of both), shading angle. Then i will try to optimize all of them to to minimize summer radiation and maximize winter radiation. I will try to find best solutions with octopus.

My questions are:
How can i create these sun shaders. Is it possible to done this with sun_shades_calculator?
How can i optimize these parameters with octopus?
Is it possible with sun_shades_calculator to use vertical surfaces not the horizontal ones? Or is it always create horizontal surfaces or pergolas? Can we create a third option?

Thank you very much.

Your question was already posted (and answered) in another thread. No need to duplicate.
Regarding the optimization question you can ask in the octopus list or the general GH list.

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