Create custom constructions in HB

Hi all,

I have created some custom constructions for roofs and walls and saved them in the Energy plus library using the component “Add to EnegyPlus Library component”. However, every single time I open the grasshopper file I need to create the customized constructions again, as the program doesnt seem to remember them. Is there any way to keep them in the library permanently?



Using the ‘Add to EnergyPlus Library’ component will only add the construction to the memory of the Rhino document that you have open. Not your hard copy of constructions. Mostapha gives instructions for how to add constructions into your permanent library on this thread:…

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Note that by LadybugFolderOnYourMachine, Mostapha means either C:\Ladybug or C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug

Cool, thanks again!

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