Create custom EP materials and constructions,

Dear Mosthapha and Honeybee developers, greetings. I have an issue when trying to create custom EP materials and constructions: 1.- The “userCustomEPLibrary.idf” file in my working folder (the one that I’ve putted on the HBHB input) seems to have no changes (it says “!Honeybee custom EnergyPlus library” only when I open it with a text editor) when using addToEPConsLibrary. Nevertheless, some times I can use “locally” the material’s names for setting the constructions (weird). 2.- When I try to Call those materials and constructions on another GH expression (supposing that those were added) the callFromEPConsLibrary component don’t deliver any data.

I’ve read that this issue was fixed but i don’t know what i am doing wrong, so please help!

Best Regards and thank you for this awesome development!


I do not think that I fully understand your question but I can say that the construction library in the userCustomEPLibrary.idf is separate from the project library that is created when you write a material/construction into the library with the “AddToEPLibrary” component. The latter is just written to the computer memory of the Grasshopper file and is deleted as soon as you close the GH file. Not sure if this helps. I don’t know what you mean by “locally”

What are you writing in to the userCustomEPLibrary.idf? Perhaps it is not the right format. Can you upload your userCustomEPLibrary.idf file?


Hi Chris,

I think I wrote something wrong in my userCustomEPLibrary.idf (attached). EP is not able to find the window material, probably I difined it wrong or I am missing information?



userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)

I was just missing a “;”!!