Create custom xml glass (rad material) based on idf file

I’m trying to simulate a simple model and need to import rad material same az IDF file that I made before which have no clue what should I do.

Hi Nasrollah,
Could you please explain more what do you need. It is not really clear.

Hi Fazel,
I create glazing material by WINDOW 7 for energy plus (.IDF file) and now need exact same one for RADIANCE but I don’t know how I supposed to do it.
When I want to export radiance by window 7 (.XML file) the window pops up and asks for sun position and kinda stuff that I’m not familiar with it, also when I export different type of glazing and gave it to HONEYBEE_BSDF Material those all have the same result. Is there any way to convert or somehow import the IDF file for radiance?
Thank you.

Ok. Now I have a solution for this:

Depending to the version of your LBL Window you should find this folder:

This is the place you can find the representative XML file your glazing system (including all shades and glass layers). So you can just simply link it to the HB+ component for e.g. 3-phase daylight simulation.

There are some tricky points for an advanced user of window under the preferences:

  1. The output format of xml file is LBNL/Klems Full
  2. It might be with solar and/or visible spectrum
  3. And the number of wavelength bands
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thanks for responding.
Now I create 2 different type XML file just for glazing but the output is Equal and there is no result ( honeybee_read annual result give me an error that says major input missing). am sorry but I get so confused.

for more clarify the issue: for example, I create glazing with two clear layers and 8 mm air gap between. And now I need the same exact glazing type for rad material also, I should mention that I want rad material for calculating annual daylight.
thanks for your help.