Create xmlfile

Hi everyone.

I study window film that like lightshelf using HB+LB day light simulation.

so, I want to use BSDF material.

I know window7 and optics.

These software can make general window’s xmlfile.

But as far as I know, they can’t make special windows and film.

I want make my special film xmlfile.

I don’t know how to make xmlfile by myself.

please tell me how to make xmlfile or what is written in these xmlfile data.

Please forgive me my lousy English.

Single Clear.xml (1.61 MB)
Single Clear.csv (3.21 MB)

Hi Taizo,

Window7.4 can infact make XML files with multiple layers that can include films, air gaps etc. Two quick resources that I can point out to you in this regard are Section 3.2.1 of Andy Mcneil’s Three Phase Tutorial and Greg Ward’s presentation on BSDFs.

How are the properties of your window film defined? Can they be defined in terms of the standard Radiance primitives like glass, trans etc.?



thank you for your advice.

I try to read these documents you gave to me.

I have my window film’s reflectance and transmittance of each incident angle data.

I know exist angle data too.

so I want to input these data as material.

I think BSDF is the most optimal material.

if you know another material,please teach me.

Hi Taizo,

What coordinate system is your measured data in? The default data format( if I am not mistaken) for the BSDF data in Radiance is the LBNL Full Klems format i.e there are 145 x 145 values for incident and exitant radiation.

A while ago, I had written a python script for reading BSDF XML-files (see attached). The SingleClear.xml that you posted above will read

something like :

Do the values that you have for your film match the 145 x 145 format corresponding to the LBNL Klem’s full basis format?

Here are a couple of other links related to measuring and incorporating BSDF in Radiance:

PAB and Jonsson,McNeil (1.64 KB)

Hi, sarith.

my film data is not match Klem’s format.

it’s only matrix data like upload file(not real data).

and I have exist angle data too.

Can I exchange these data to Klem’s format.

It may be slightly different.

and i can’t understand the number your upload picture.

in your picture, “Transmission front [34.83863,0,0,0,]”

what is 34.83863? is this BSDF ?

can I make these number in the calculation?

Hi Taizo,

I am not sure if you can simply convert data from one format to another. The values that are found in Window 7.4 correspond to measurements made through a photogoniometer:

The values that you saw in the image are radiation values from the BSDF file. The file that you uploaded actually is already in compatible format.


thank you for your adovice.

I try to set another material or find similar film in Window7.4.

I must study more about radiance and LH+HB.