Creating custom program types in Honeybee 1.1

I have tried to add a new custom program type in the .json in the following location: C:\Users\nicholas.rekstad\ladybug_tools\resources\standards\honeybee_standards\programtypes

However, when I close out of Rhino/Grasshopper and reopen the program it doesn’t seem to be found in the “HB Search Programs” component.

As a new member of this forum it will not let me upload files so apologies for pasting my code directly in the forum. My .json is as shown below. Is this an issue with my .json or do I need up add a location somewhere in the Python code?

“this is a test”: {
“type”: “ProgramTypeAbridged”,
“identifier”: “this is a test”,
“people”: {
“type”: “PeopleAbridged”,
“identifier”: “2013::Courthouse::Cell_People”,
“people_per_area”: 0.2690978762795604,
“radiant_fraction”: 0.3,
“latent_fraction”: {
“type”: “Autocalculate”
“occupancy_schedule”: “Courthouse CELL_OCC_SCH”,
“activity_schedule”: “Courthouse ACTIVITY_SCH”
“lighting”: {
“type”: “LightingAbridged”,
“identifier”: “2013::Courthouse::Cell_Lighting”,
“watts_per_area”: 8.718759,
“return_air_fraction”: 0.0,
“radiant_fraction”: 0.7,
“visible_fraction”: 0.2,
“schedule”: “Courthouse GENERAL_LIGHT_SCH”,
“baseline_watts_per_area”: 8.718759
“electric_equipment”: {
“type”: “ElectricEquipmentAbridged”,
“identifier”: “2013::Courthouse::Cell_Electric”,
“watts_per_area”: 0.0,
“radiant_fraction”: 0.5,
“latent_fraction”: 0.0,
“lost_fraction”: 0.0,
“schedule”: “Courthouse BLDG_EQUIP_SCH”
“infiltration”: {
“type”: “InfiltrationAbridged”,
“identifier”: “2013::Courthouse::Cell_Infiltration”,
“flow_per_exterior_area”: 0.00022656800000000002,
“schedule”: “Courthouse_INFIL_SCH”
“ventilation”: {
“type”: “VentilationAbridged”,
“identifier”: “2013::Courthouse::Cell_Ventilation”,
“flow_per_person”: 0.002359735,
“flow_per_area”: 0.0006096
“setpoint”: {
“type”: “SetpointAbridged”,
“identifier”: “2013::Courthouse::Cell_Setpoint”,
“heating_schedule”: “Courthouse HTGSETP”,
“cooling_schedule”: “Courthouse CLGSETP”

Assuming the JSON file is correct, the location to be used is:
Next time you open Rhino/GH it will be uploaded.

Thanks for the input. My file is at the location you specified and I have posted my .json in my question - do you see anything that I did wrong?