Creating different wall heating systems

Dear Ladybug community,

I would like to compare the performance of 3 different wall heating systems:

  • Low-temperature area wall heating system: wall heating system with parallel pipes
  • Radiative high-temperature system 1: a radiative plate heater
  • Radiative high-temperature system 2: a Temperierung system that heats the base of the wall (two copper heating pipes in the base area of the outer wall and a second loop at height of the window parapet heat the wall).

I saw that ironbug could be a good way to create such systems. After doing some research, I have found, this example that could be reused for the radiative HT systems 1 and 2:,-222.49284919715478/
Are they some good examples on how to model the low-temperature area wall heating system?

Thank you!

Hi @mkdg,

There are a several discussions about modeling the radiant systems with Ironbug, have you tried to model it by yourself?

@MingboPeng, Yes I tried adapting the sample mentioned above with my version 1.1.0 of HB.
However it seems like I miss some components, because I am not able to find the radiant system option:

I tried to use other samples shared on this forum, and I get this error:

This is strange because I followed all the steps mentioned in this post Ironbug Beta Release.

  1. I use OpenStudio 3.0.1 installed and HB v1.1.0
  2. I downloaded the latest version of Ironbug from github and followed the steps you described
  3. I had the Invoke error, and it was solved as described in the post.

Are there gh.user files that I should add extra to my libraries?
Thank you!

I have found the solution - now I have all the components i need. Solution here: Ironbug Beta Release
Thank you!