Creating double-pane thermochromic windows?

Hello everyone, I am doing an energy saving simulation about thermochromic windows, I will already generate a single pane thermochromic window with _WindowConstrShd inside Honeybee, but I am in a dilemma when I want to go ahead and create a double pane thermochromic window (both pane of glass are thermochromic), I didn’t find the appropriate component inside honeybee, so I have tried to change the outer pane of glass to thermochromic glass first, and then set the inner pane of glass to be thermochromic as shown in the image below:

But when I run _ModelToOSM, the program reports an error as below:

I think it may be that my method of creating it isn’t working, can anyone tell me how to go about building a double pane thermochromic window correctly? Thank you very much for your replies!

I already solved this problem with EMS :grinning: