Creating PCM EPmaterial in glazing system

Hi Mostapha, Chris and rest of the ladybug team!

Is it able to embed PCM in EP window construction?
I went through the old discussion in PCM material, “additionalStrings” method is working in normal building construction.
However, since PCM needs to be assigned the thermal property, it has to be an opaque material. Then it will not work while I try to make a window construction.
Therefore, I am wondering that if there is any solution for this?

I upload a WIP file, and thanks in advanced.

0510_PCM volume (827.4 KB)

I don’t know if this is possible in E+ so I would point you to the EnergyPlus documentation to see if it says anything about it:
If you don’t find your answer there, this question is probably better suited to unmethours where many of the E+ gurus reside:

@chris thanks!
I’ll check it and see if there any solution!