Creating schedule with the use of honeybee_Annual Schedule but Export_to_OpenStudio with error message“Solution exception:’NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable”

n my simulation, I didn’t use the schedule from honeybee but I would like to create my own schedule by using “Honeybee annual schedule” as shown below:

However, there is error message popped in the ExporttoOpenStudio Component as shown below:
And I tried to solve the error by following the method suggested from
The error appears again. Anybody to give me insight on what the problem is?

The grasshopper file is enclosed. (718.9 KB)

You forgot to internalise the geometry …

@AbrahamYezioro I have internalized data and uploaded again.

I will suggest connecting directly the output “schedule” instead of loading from the library.
I kind of remember from old discussions that the schedules are not well registered in the library using the HB_addToEPLibrary. The fact is that they are not loaded right.
I don’t believe my suggestion is going to mess the file (more than it is already), and i believe it will work.

If that’s the case then we should get that fixed. @KatsuyaObara, can you confirm that the schedule doesn’t add to library correctly?

This is the method I tried before to connect the HB_Annual Schedule immediately to HB_SetEPZoneSchedules. However, there is a warning message “cannot find ….in Honeybee schedule library” as shown below. And the whole simulation does not work.
In view of this warning, I just try the method to HB_addToEPLibrary.

I enclosed the file for your information. (709.7 KB)

How can I confirm the schedule is added to library correctly?

I can find the list of schedule when using HB_CallFromEPSCHlibrary (as captured below).

Can I confirm that the schedule is correctly added to the library ?

The error was caused becouse most of the panels with the schedule name had an extra empty line. The attached file fixes it.
Maybe this is also related to the original error … please check.
-A. (724.3 KB)

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It worked figuring out the original error based on the file you shared to me!
Thank you!

It means that the components are registering the schedules correctly into the library.

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro for fixing this one.

I just wanted to note that adding the schedule to the library and then assigning it separately to the zones is a valid method for using the components. However, when you do this, you need to be cognizant of the order in which the components execute on your canvass since you want to make sure that the schedules get written into memory before you assign them to zones. So the best practice is to push the “Add to Library” component and the schedule components to the back of the canvass by selecting them and hitting Cntrl+B. This will ensure that they execute first before they are assigned to the zones.