Creating Slanted walls and openings

hello and have a good time;
I would like to know, if anyone can help me how to model slanted wall and openings like the picture below in grasshopper… it is a part of my study and any help is highly appreciated!
thanks in advance.

Why don’t you just model it in Rhino and import the geometry into Grasshopper?

Dear Mostapha
I want to study the daylight performance of this kind of light well by using galapagos. So, I need to model this light well parametrically. Please let me know if you have any solution for this…
ps: your works and projects are very useful and helpful. Thank you so much…

Where are you getting stuck? Which inputs need to be parametric?
I’m afraid you haven’t supplied any useful information for anyone to be of much help.

Apart from that, the modeling part of “creating slanted walls and openings” is probably better asked on the Grasshopper forum. Once that’s done and you run into problems with the daylight performance, you can come back to this forum.

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