Creating windows from ArchiCAD (IFC/Speckle/RhinoInside)

I have imported object from ArchiCAD that I would like to convert into a HB Model and wonder if you could help me out. The rooms was quite easy, I use HB Room from solid to convert spaces to HB roms but I wonder how to convert the windows in a easy way? I can import the ArchiCAD building into Rhino using IFC, Speckle and RhinoInside but prefer Speckle and IFC since I do not have ArchiCAD on the same computer as Rhino.

Hi @maxt, It is really hard to answer this question without having a sample file. You usually have to find the bounding box of the windows and project it to the room face to get a clean aperture which then can be added to the room.

Thanks, this was exactly my idea. Right now I can assume that the windows are rectangular but do you know if there are some suitable components or comands to make bounding boxes and espessially project these onto the rooms?