Creating WUFI Passive climate data files

Hello! I will try not to start babbling nonsensically as I sometimes can;

Does anyone have a way or some direction when it comes to using Ms. Bug and the gang to generate .txt climate data files to export and load into WUFI Passive?

Ms Bug and the gang is more than capable of extrapolating each needed data point to fill in WUFI Passive manually, I am relatively new to the gang and my only python experience is in making Ghop components for simple thermodynamic equations; and I think that what I am wanting to do may be more on the deep side of the pond.

Can you share what kind of data format WUFI passive expects?

Yes, that would have been the smart thing for me to do on the original post. thank you;
It takes an array of weather files, but it appears to be geared to Meteonorm being the only program to produce files that auto fill specific monthly weather data such as daily high/low temperatures and solar radiation from NESW directions as well as global average; It takes .epw and a number of other weather file extensions, but only imports basic data and the more tedious detailed monthly data still needs to be hand filled.
txt files if formatted correctly input the correct data in all blocks and from further research it would seem that .xls files formatted correctly can fill all of the desired information as well; I am on the train of thought that .xls may be the easiest route for creating a template with ladybug being the heart and soul of to generate .xls files to accomplish the task.
I have been using LB/HB to interrogate from .epw and .stat files and have been able to derive all the needed inputs from Ms. Bug and the gang, but the hand filling data is tedious and the more automation possible the lest margin for my error.

So far the following are the only examples of .txt and .xls formats of climate data sets I have found but I am going to keep hunting for more information.

According to the WUFI wiki these .txt and .xls files are outputs from Meteonorm.

I found the macro excel tool on the WUFI website; its a simple input HOY data and hit convert to .wac tool. LB is going to be perfect for this and I am thrilled that additional interoporability with the software used to validate PHIUS builds is going to mean More time in the bug which is my preferred modus operandi.

the tool to convert HOY into different weather data file types can be found here:

Additional update; For refrence the following are formats for xls and txt files that satiate the climate data for WUFI passive Florida, Marathon AP (722016) - PHIUS Climate Data.xls (30.5 KB) MARATHON_AIRPORT_FL-mon.txt (1.2 KB)