Critical bug in construction in honeybee

hi guys
i created two different wall construction in HB
after I open file it show different U-value but after re-connect the wire HB_Honeybee_Decompose EP Construction as you can see in pic show same value for both

in run analysis ep+ result is similar too!!!
wall (42.3 KB)

nobody can say what’s the problem ?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

@hamed.sangin ,

Sorry for the late response. The reason why this happens is because you have two materials with different properties but the same name. One of them is overwriting the other when you connect it to the Add to EnergyPlus Library component. This is why we don’t set the overwrite_ option on the component to True by default (so that you get a popup message and are aware that one material is overwriting the other).

In your case here, just make sure that each different material has a different name and you won’t have to worry about one material overwriting the other.