Custom construction sets

Hi @chris,

For a building with 7 rooms I defined 3 different construction sets. I put these construction sets in the right order so they match with the room order.
When I attach this list to “HB room from sollid” I get the follwing error:

  1. Solution exception:“Energy Construction Set: Nieuwbouw_da5c6407” was not found in the construction set library.

When I attach the HB constuctionset directly to the “HB room from sollid” everything works fine.

When I pass the same list through a panel and attach it then to the “HB room from sollid” I get the error again.

How can I solve this problem?

Problem solved.

I passed the list through a python script so i did not had to convert it to text.

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Glad you solved it, @Erikbeeren .
FYI, you don’t need to graft the inputs if you are using the current version of the plugin on Food4Rhino (version 1.0.9 and above).
If you update your plugin to 1.0.9 with the “LB Versioner” and use the “LB Sync Grasshopper File”, you can do away with those grafts.


Yesterday I updated LBT and already noticed grafting is not needed anymore. I am really glad. Thank you. :slight_smile:

But then I have still some questions about adding construction sets to rooms. When I saw the new LBT I hoped I could just add the names of the user defined construction sets to each room. But this seams only to be the case for default construction sets. When I just add the name of my user defined construction set it is somehow not recognised.

The same I would like to do with programs, schedules and modifier sets. I think it would be very nice/practical if this somehow could be achieved.

@Erikbeeren ,

So you can setup your LBT installation to be able to assign your custom construction sets using the identifier (like you can with the pre-installed templates). You just have to write the ConstructionSet JSON into your standards folder using the “HB Dump Objects” component. Your standards folder should be at:


… and you will see a constructionset folder inside that master folder where you can build your own personal library of construction sets that get loaded up whenever you start the LBT plugin. Along those lines, make sure that you restart Rhino/Grasshopper after you have written the construction set into your library using the “HB Dump Objects” component.

This post has more information about how to build up your own library of standards and generally make the most of the serialization to JSON text: