Custom Earth Duct Design Airflow Schedule Issues

Hi All,
Has anyone else come across an “Invalid Schedule Name” error when assigning a custom CSV schedule to the earth duct module? After opening up the IDF file, it looks like the custom schedule name and file path isn’t being written to the Schedule:Year class of the IDF. Let me know there is a quick fix for this. Thanks.


Hi @MichaelEsposito,

Can you share the bare minimum version of your GH with geometries internalized please?

@MichaelEsposito ,

This may be a bug that we can easily fix. If you upload a definition that creates the error, I’ll have a look. You can also just use the annual schedule creator if your schedule is on that repeats.


Hi Chris and Devang,
The GH file producing the error is attached. Unfortunately, it is not a repeating schedule. One workaround is to create a dummy zone (no loads or conditioning) and assign the custom schedule to the zone so that the schedule is written to the IDF and available when referenced by the EarthDuct module. This is just a temporary solution, but it seems to work.Thanks for looking into this. (587.8 KB)

@MichaelEsposito ,
Yep, this was a bug. I fixed it now:

And you can find a working version of the file here: (587.0 KB)

On a completely different note, the E+ reference advises not to do this when you have a conditioned space against the earth:

Unless you run one of the E+ utilities to help you determine ground temperature or your space is unconditioned and you feel you can make an educated guess about these temperatures, I would stick with the default here. Also note that these ground temperatures are just for conduction to the earth and do not affect the earth tube calculation.

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