Custom glazing does not apply

Dear Ladybug community,

My custom glazing constructions are not taken into account by my energy model. When looking at the html file, I can see that it always takes a “generic double pane” window type for all apertures.
This is very confusing since the other custom constructions (walls, floor, roof,…) are taken into account in the calculation… (450.5 KB)

Could it be a bug or a problem with HB versions?
Please see my graph attached.
Thank you for the help!

I repost here (and in the original message) the model with only 1.5.0 components and without TTtoolbox.
The error persists unfortunately. Any suggestion on what could cause this specifically on windows and not other custom constructions?
Thank you! (450.5 KB)

update: I have found a workaround by connecting the custom construction set of the windows to the " HB aperture" component. When doing so, the new construction is taken into account.

Your Grasshopper file has too much going on it and no internalized geometry such that I can’t use it to understand your specific issue. But you can always use the HB Color Face Attributes component to check whether the construction has been successfully assigned before you send it off to the simulation engine. Here’s a tutorial: