Custom high-rise building floor plan for honeybee analysis

hi, i am working on the adaptive reuse of a certain high-rise building. What i have is a floor plan for it, which is fairly simple. I have set up the geometry in honeybee but i am not sure how to divide it into zones and proceed further to make an energyplus simulation.

This is a single floor plan but i want to analyse the whole building which is 25-storyed

I have attached a GH file of the same and a screenshot (just in case).

highrise building_general floor (500 KB)

Hi Nishant,

There’s Honeybee_SplitBuilding Mass component that divides your zone in core and perimeter zones. However, in your case, your floor is a non-convex surface so my guess is that component will not give you the desired result. The best things would be to create closed volumes manually based on orientation, thermal configuration, etc and then take them in Honeybee using Honeybee_ Masses2Zones component.


Also, since you’re doing adaptive reuse, I assume that you have access to the actual plan of the building. In that case, you should create zones according to the actual plan. The Honebee_SplitBuilding Mass component is really for use in early design stage when spaces are not clearly defined.

I have divided the floor into zones and started working on it.

The HB decompose component wont show the ‘roof’ (which is actually a floor since this plan is a part of a high rise building. if HB detects it as a roof then the calculations might change. please help me with that as well!)

I am unable to get the energyplus running due to certain errors. not sure whats causing it.

sample (524 KB)

Hi Nishant,

Please find file attached. I am assuming that you are only trying to simulate one floor, so I have made the floor and the roof adiabatic. I have aligned the building with the Y axis. You can change the North rotation angle to account for orientation. (599 KB)

hey devang, thanks a lot!

any idea why i cant run the model through the energyplus component?


Not sure at the moment. I will have to dig deeper to find the reason. I intend to do that.



The error originated from the geometry. The breps had to be in perfect alignment with no gaps in between. I fixed that and that fixed everything. Please find the file attached.

-Devang (599 KB)

cant thank you enough for the help!