Custom infiltration schedule

I’m trying to run a thermal comfort simulation (adaptive PMV) and for the infiltration schedule, to mimic natural ventilation, I followed Chris’s tutorial. (where based on outdoor temperature, the condition of person is turned into an hourly data of 0 and 1s.) But I don’t seem to find a way to define these values as a schedule for the infiltration component.
(using LadyBugTools 1.4.0 here)

One thing I tried though was connecting the old “create CSV schedule” component to the infil schedule (Is it alright to use different versions of components together?), and got this error:

Hey @etaghiloo ,

If you are trying to model natural ventilation in LBT 1.5, then it’s much better to do this with the HB Window Opening and HB Ventilation Control components. Trying to approximate natural ventilation with infiltration really isn’t the best practice.

Thanks @chris
I will look into those components, but my question still remains as how to connect those 8760 value results from condition of person into the ventilation control schedule.

In LBT 1.5, you should use a Fixed Interval Schedule to set up any schedule with 8760 different values like that. You will see that it gets translated into a CSV schedule when you simulate it, though these new Fixed Interval schedules also support the option of being written entirely into the IDF as a Compact schedule.

I have not tried 1.5 yet but for personal experience I know that you cannot connect LB legacy (0.66 version) with LBT (1.4 version) components. As @chris said at least you can create a fixed interval schedule from LBT component and link it to the infiltration.

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Thank you so much @chris !
I had completely overlooked the fixed interval component.