Custom material problem - EPConstruction (1. Failed to find in library.)


I have faced some energy simulation issue when I manually construct building from EPOpaqueMat.

The error message is shown below - 1. Failed to find in library.

Error message

When I run this model (room) with default materials, no error messages get generated.

I am not sure If my parameters are okay for the custom material, but it seems little bit vague for me to debug this small script.

About the model: Its just a Living room with plenum - a part of some house model which I am using the custom surfaces component in order to match the drawing.

Above is the model

It will be appreciated if anyone could give some help on it.

Custom construction (615.0 KB)


Hi @Amartuvshin,
You have an extra line here:

Remove that then try again.


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Thanks a lot @OmidmRashidi

I should better be careful with those text inputs from now on.

Have a nice weekend!