Custom occupancy schedule issue


I noticed that I am getting some strange results when I use a custom occupancy schedule and run a simulation using the ‘Export to OS’ component.

I created a custom occupancy schedule by using a list of 24 values and applying the same schedule to each day. (So the occupancy schedule should be the same every day.)

When I view the results for ‘peopleGains’, it looks like 1-2 days per week has a different schedule (I’m guessing the weekends?) When I view the schedule values using the ‘convert EP schedule to values’ component, it is correct - the same schedule every day. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


P.S. I did a much better job uploading a simple file this time. I’m getting better at this! (1.2 MB)

@MariaGrimm ,

Thanks for posting this and I very much appreciate the cleanliness of the example file. Your simulation is running as expected with the correct schedule. The reason why you do not get the output people energy exactly matching your schedule is because you have plugged a “1” in for loadType in order to request only sensible loads:

Part of the heat that people add to a space is sensible (it goes directly into raising the temperature of the air) and part of the heat is latent (it doesn’t raise the temperature of the air but rather the humidity of the air). Our perspiration adds latent heat to the air and the amount that we perspire increases when the zone temperature is higher (like when the zone is setback on the summer weekends). Therefore, on the weekends of your energy model, more of the people heat is latent rather than sensible and this is what is giving you the bands in the people sensible load on the weekends.

If you just request to have the total load on the loadType by plugging in a “0”, you will see that the amount of people heat perfectly mirrors your occupancy schedule.

Chris - thanks so much for looking into this and your explanation makes sense.

I had the loadType set to ‘sensible’ was because initially I was looking for annual cooling loads and typically we don’t really look at latent loads for this temperate climate in San Francisco.

Do you know what would cause more latent gain on the weekends? Is this being driven by an airflow or HVAC schedule (I believe they are supposed to be ‘always on’)? I can’t seem to make sense of it.

Thanks again for your help! I’m having a lot of fun digging into HB this month!