Custom Schedules and basic questions

Hi Vinu,

  1. You could create a CSV schedule for 24 hours and then only that run that period in the Run EnergyPlus component using the analysisPeriod input and the _AnalysisPeriod component. I think that would be the best way to do it.

  2. The file attached is the example file for the Set EP Air Flow component from the Honeybee example files. Have a look at it.

  3. The details of this can be found in the EnergyPlus documentation specially the Engineering reference.…

  1. I’d suggest that you check the EnergyPlus documentation, on this but my suggestion is:

A. For windows use the Set_EP Air Flow component set the temperature so that the windows will never been closed due to temperature , and then set your own schedule using openingAreaFractionalSched_.

B. Use the Shade generator component with a custom blindsSchedule for the blinds.



Vinu Subashini

016_Natural (694 KB)

Thank you for the reply Anton,

I had been looking at the energy plus documentation but I was not looking at the engineering side. I will read the documentation. I tried giving data for only 24 hours but the csv schedule gives error stating

“1. The length of the list of connected values does not align with the analysisPeriod_ and the timeStep_. Note that the default list length for connected values is 8760 (one for each hour of the year).”

I am not sure, where am I making mistake, I have attached the file! I have been testing it on a block model. (457 KB)

As Anton said, make a whole year schedule. EP will not work unless you have 8760 hours of data in a schedule. So you cannot have a schedule that is just 24 values. You have to make the whole year schedule, and then run it just for the time period you want as you are already doing it. It edited the file, and it runs now. Hope it helps. (458 KB)