Custom Schedules From Excel

I am trying to read multiple custom schedules from an excel file and iterate over those. Is there a way to add these multiple custom schedules into the EP Library and save them for later use?

Directly from excel you can’t. You need to create the IDF version of the schedules and add them to your userCustomEPLibrary.idf file (c:\ladybug). Then you can call them in any file you want.

You can use bumblebee ( in combination with the annual schedule component.
It works pretty well. I use it a lot. Especially for large projects it is very convenient.

Thanks @Erikbeeren. I am able to import the schedules into grasshopper. I want to be able to save these schedules into the HB Library - so that I don’t have to do it every time I open the GH file. Basically looking to edit the main library file and add the custom schedules into it.