Custom shades | Microshades | RAD files

Hi, I must say i really like the new HB[+] workflow and update, great work @mostapha and @chris!

I would like to test out integrated shadings from Microshades for both thermal and daylight calculations. I did find these Rad material files in addition to the BSDF XML file on their webpage. What is the best approach for integrating this to the workflow with HB[+]?

I see that the RAD file refers to the CAL file, do I need to place it in a specific folder for the project, or is there a RAD library i can place it in? Where can i find the radiance modifier library?

MicroShade_mat.rad (216 Bytes) MS_D.xml (827.5 KB) (3.1 KB)

Cant make this work, tried both HB[+] and legacy. Any sugestions? (515.3 KB)

+1 the post above. I would also like to simulate MicroShade glazing.

Hi @JimMarsh,

This is one way to do it in LBT (not HB[+]).

You can create the Radiance modifier from the .rad file with a custom Python component. I have used the example on page 3 in this document by MicroShade.


You must add the .cal file to the Radiance lib folder. You can find the Radiance installation used by LBT with HB Config.

Here is the example using the annual daylight sample file. (91.5 KB)