Custom sky in HB[+]

Can anyone help me with this error?
When I connect panel to difRad I face this error

Update honeybee[+] to the latest version. Here is how: Honeybee[+] update component error: Solution exception:WindowsError

Thank you
I updated it but I don’t know what happened to my materials. All of them have error now. And sky component still has the same error.

Did you also update the file? You should replace them with the newer version of the components.

Hi @mostapha,
I have the same issue even after updating the HB+ and replacing components with a new one. I think in my case, it is due to the LB+ update. When I installed HB+, LB+ was not in the path and I added it from my own archive (sometimes before it was installed on a system that I worked with!). I tried the installmeant process on different systems but I had the same result of not LB+.

Interestingly, with the old version of HB+ (0.0.004) all is fine and custom sky works well. I also do not have the LB+ installment issue.
The thing is that all my project is made with the latest version of HB+ and would be great to not work with the old version.
I am wondering if you have any comments that where I am wrong and how to solve this issue.
I have uploaded pictures here for your view.


I might recommend just using the latest development version of the LBT plugin instead of HB[+]. All but one of the Legacy Radiance recipes have now been implemented in the LBT plugin and they will all be in LBT 1.3 when it’s released.