Custom THERM material & input Error


I’m working off of the new Patreon Video workflows for developing THERM models. I have a condition where I need to use a Phenolic Panel and therefore create a custom THERM material. I created a simple one similar to what Chris did with Aerogel, but I am getting a “1. Data conversion failed from Text to Geometry” error. I only have its conductivity, but I thought that this would be enough. I also tried to add it to the thermlibrary.csv file but after recomputing it does not work.

If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. I reviewed other material topics, but they don’t quite apply.

Soffit at V (484.2 KB)

@emmanuelgee ,

This is NOT the correct way to use custom materials:

This, however, is:

Simply put, geometry goes in the _geometry input and your custom material goes into you _material input.

Thanks for your response, I must not have been paying attention there as that is a mistake that I should not have made.

Thanks for the response Chris! Your Tutorials are great and I am very happy as a patreon member.