Custom Thermal Mass - Honeybee

Hi guys I need help.
I would like to be able to manipulate the building elements for my energy model using only the U-values without directly defining the materials or wall constructions. The construction sets are also only too generic for me. Each building element should have its own U-value.

The problem is that I use the component ‘HB Opaque Material No Mass’. However, this means that I no longer have a thermal mass for the building. But this is important for the simulation! Can I set this differently? Whether heavy or light construction. For example, with the ‘HB Internal Mass’ and then calculate and import the area of the building?

Many thanks for your help!

for this problem there are no other solutions than to create materials and define them in order (dynamics if you think about it is pretty much all here) as constructions to associate them with surfaces. Other ways like the ones you mentioned are physically wrong and lead to errors in the calculation results. May I suggest that you create clusters of constructions so that you have a cleaner canvas and then create your own sort of library.
Good work!

Hey Massimiliano, Thank you very much for your answer and the information! I almost thought it wouldn’t be that easy… I’ll see what I can find in the library. To create a own collection is a good idea thanks!