Custom visualization

Hello everyone, I am new to Grasshopper and Ladybug, so I need your help. I would like to visualize hourly indoor operative temperatures. I want to see the hours above 25 C in red, the hours below 18 C in blue, and the hours of between 18 C and 25 C in yellow for example. And the legend should tell me the % of hours in these ranges.

Hi Aylin,

This is possible but not an easy task for a starter. Ladybug currently doesn’t support custom legends similar to what you’re trying to create. At the same time you can use Ladybug and customize the visualization to get what you want. Attached is an example to get you started. (401 KB)

Hi Aylin, hi Mostapha,

I’ve been working on a similar visualization as well. Attached you can find the example. It’s not super dynamic right now, I’ll try to improve it in the future.

Temp_Sample.txt (56.4 KB) (16.3 KB)

Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks very much to both of you! These are very helpful. I will work on these, and give you an update soon.