Custom Windows to Zones

Hi LBHBees

How to add glazing to a zone directly? (no surfaces procces)

I followed this discussion… and tried it with no succes.

GlazingbyRatio is working well, but if I follow the steps from the discussion I dont get the same result and doesnt see the correct expresión of Windows for a zone. attaches examples this.

I can see after HBObjWGLZ I get 2 breps… one open, one closed… maybe here is the thing?

Maybe Im doing bad something… Im newby…

Thanx for the amazing tools boys…

VivA (519 KB)

Hi Levy,

Please attached your Rhino file, when I open your Grasshopper file you have not internalized your window geometry, also your windows must be co planar to the walls for this to work

Make sure the windows don’t touch the boundaries of the base surface. Just guessing based on the image that you shared. If that’s not the case follow Anton’s direction.

Here is the file.

Thanks for readme.

sipali.3dm (2.21 MB)

Could you show me an example? maybe if I follow it I can find de answer!

See attached image. Mostapha was right. Your window is touching the wall’s border. You must leave a small frame for the wall.