Customized schedules using HB_Create CSV Schedule

Hello everyone,
I’m following this example to run integrated daylight and energy simulation for an office room. Using HB_Create CSV schedule, I tried to create customized schedules (as shown in the pictures) and this component seems working fine but apparently when I want to call the CSV file for occupancy schedule (input to HB_set Zone Schedules) and also to update the lighting schedule (input to HB_readAnnualResults I) it cannot be set correctly.
I tried to run the simulation with the default occupancy schedule for “closed office program” and it works. when I compare the created CSV file with DAYsim CSV occupancy schedule there are some points of difference:
For customized CSV schedule (occupancy, equipment, and ventilation)

  1. The month starts from 0!
  2. There is an empty column under the headline of “values” and the next column is set to “Values” with 0/1 numbers I put them in my definition.

Should it be a problem because of these differences?
I also attached the CSV files created by the component here.

Many thanks for any help and recommendation
SCHOccupancy.csv (149.6 KB)
SCHVentilation.csv (149.6 KB)

The component for daylight simulation occupancy is different from the component for energy simulation schedule. Make sure not to confuse one for another.

Thanks for the hint Mostapha.

I realized that first I should directly connect from HB_Create CSV schedule to the component of HB_set Zone Schedules and not to use the file path through a panel as input, and second use Daysim Occupancy Generator to create occupancy for daylight simulation.