Customizing the window and wall layers to study the thermal comfort in a parametric way

Hi everyone,
Let me start with a brief outlook of what I am doing.
I am currently trying to see how we can use Honeybee and GH as a Multi criteria decision making tool.
I am trying to customize the window and wall (exterior and interior). For this I plan to use a slider where the parameters like U and R values can be changed using the slider. The walls that I plan to consider will have 3 layers and same with the window (first layer of glass and second layer of PV panels and third layer with glass again).
I have tried to make it in layers and prepare a construction set as a whole. But it shows me some kind of error. The error says ‘Solution exception:Expected Modifier for exterior_wall. Got <class’’> when I merge all the 3 layer with their properties to the ‘HBexterior modifier subset’ componenet.

I am curious to know if someone else has done a similar kind of work and could help me a little as I am stuck at this point.
I basically want to parametrize wall and window material properties and see how the indoor temperatures (or the indoor comfort) varies with these changes.

Also further on, I plan to create an excel sheet which could be used by anyone(who is not an user of GH and HB) in general where they can basically give as an input of varying material properties (like U values etc…) outside the grasshopper canvas and this input will directly affect the script in GH and run the simulation and the user can see the best solution or choice of the materials. I believe GH and HB could be used really well for these kind of Multi criteria decision making.
Just trying to explore how simple and user friendly we could make these scripts.

Please let me know if I am unclear with this.

I am stuck here and seeking for some help. I was unable to upload my script and model as I am new user.

Thank you.

@mkdg and @Erikbeeren I see you had done something similar. Could you please give some insights to me as well ?
I have attached the model and the scripts here.

MODEL.3dm (98.0 KB) (294.3 KB)

Hi @Susheel,

Did this issue get fixed if you update to the new Ladybug v1.7 components? It seems like that should do it?