Damper heating action - how switch from 'normal' to 'reverse'

One of our energy modelers reviewed the idf files generated by Honeybee/OS and noticed a few issues. I’ve copied her comments into several posts, 1 per item.

#2: Damper Heating Action
Is there a way to change damper heating action from ‘normal’ to ‘reverse’? The damper heating action is part of Air termincal:SingleDuct:VAV:Reheat component in energyplus. In most of our design, we let the damper open all the way to meet the load during heating. In the energy model,
using the reserve action lets the unit start at minimum air flow and minimum hot water flow until it reaches maximum flow and then the air damper opens to meet the rest of the load. This helps in lowering the unmet load hours.
in.idf (613.1 KB)
SchoolsFirstOffice.osm (724.7 KB)

see text from idf file below: