Dayight analysis using Ladybug and Honeybee - data loss using GPU computed rpict (Accelerad)

I’m doing indoor daylight simulation using GH plugin Honeybee and Radiance. Initially i ran Rpict calculations on CPU, then i came across Accerad that enables GPU to do the Rpict calculations. It’s certainly alot faster on my Quadro t1000 than i7 9050h.
But i keep getting these image full of black spots no matter the setting of my GH file. It was producing full images when it ran on CPU, but again i had to wait for hours, where’as this takes about 15 min.

I’m quite new to this procedure of daylight simulations, so i might have missed something crucial.
I’m getting alot of warnings on ‘non-planar vertex’ but that didn’t make no difference on CPU.

By the way anyone out there who knows how to enable TCC computing on Quadro t1000?

Kind regards :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hi @Rasmus.norulf ,You can refer to this documentation on Patchy or blotchy rendering here.

yes, this happens only for Image based analysis. you can simulate and view the .oct file in AcceleradRT. This might help you.