Daylight analysis at a point in time... ClimateBsed component? HB 1.2

Hi guys, I’m trying to do a daylight analysis with LB version 1.2. I can’t find where to connect the output ‘sky’ for do an analysis at a specific time. It does not work when connected to the ‘_wea’ input. Is it possible in this version? i did at LB Legacy version, like this

Hi @JavierSO,

For a point-in-time simulation you should use a different component - see below. HB Point-In-Time Grid-Based has a ‘_sky’ input.

FYI, @JavierSO , all of those components that Mikkel showed are only available in the development version of the LBT plugin, which you can get with the “LB Versioner” component. Alternatively, you can wait until we release LBT 1.3 later this week, which will include essentially all of the Legacy Honeybee Radiance capabilities.

Thanks for all, guys!
I’m exciting waiting the 1.3 version hehehe :wink: