Daylight analysis for specific view direction


I want to run a grid-based daylight analysis, with 4 view directions for each grid point.
So far, I have not been able to get my script working.


The vectors are not completely correctly placed (I want to have per grid point pointed at N, E, S and W). Also, in the simulation results the direction is not taken into account (same output for each grid point 4 times).

Does anyone have experience with this and would be willing to help?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Verena,

You can use HB Radial Grid from Rooms or HB Radial Sensor Grid. Setting _dir_count_ to 4 should give you N, E, S, W. You can also change _start_vec_ to orient the sensors.

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Hi @mikkel,

Thanks, this is a much easier way to do it indeed!
I have one more question; Is there a simple way in which I can see which vector represents which row in the output DGP files? Sort of labelling the vectors?

I furthermore get this error: 1. Solution exception:β€˜str’ object has no attribute β€˜X’
when I try to use the annual to data component and connect the vectors to it.

Thanks again!

With some help of my colleague I fixed the issue with the error. The type hint should be set to vector3d for the sel_vecs and all_vecs.