Daylight Analysis Period - 15 minute timestep


I’m performing an Annual Daylight Analysis, from which I want to know the Lux value for each grid point @ each hour of the day, when the timestep is 15min.

TimeStep Issue
I understand that 15min is the minimum possible for the analysis in DaySim, so I’ve set an Analysis Period component with 9.25 and 17.00 float values for the hours input (leaving the others default).
Does this make sense? I can’t see the output corresponding to this, so I can’t tell if it’s a valid input.

I generated the lux values for each gridpoint in the analysis, for each hour of the year, but I can’t find a way to have 15min timesteps.

Will appreciate any clarification and insight into this process!

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@YafimSimanovsky ,

@mostapha or any of the other Radiance gurus on the forum would be able to help you better than I but I know that support for smaller timesteps in legacy honeybee is limited and, if you need an annual daylight simulation at a finer timesteps, you should really be using Honeybee[+]. I know that the core libraries of HB[+] are all set up for finer timesteps and you will even see that the Ladybug[+] AnalysisPeriod has an input for timestep (I don’t think that what you have done here with the AnalysisPeriod will work). Also, as a good practice, you should probably break out your question about accelerad into another discussion topic.

Thanks Chris,
I’ll see about HB[+] in the meantime until there is another response possibly.

I’ll break the Accelerad issue to another post.

@YafimSimanovsky Maybe this compotent can help you.

@minggangyin can you write the component’s name? I don’t think it exists in the latest version. You’re referring to version 0.0.05, I have version 67.

It is a part of HB[+].