Daylight analysis period

Hi Everyone

Is it possible define a period to Daylight Analises? I know define only one month, hour and days.

Thank you

  1. You can run an annual analysis and then load the results back for any hour of the year that you’re looking for.

  2. You can run an annual analysis and generate a profile schedule for your period and calculate the metrics for that period.

  3. In the future this can be done much easier using the new skymtx component, but that’s not available right now.

Can I filter my AnnualDaylight results by season (using AnalysisPeriod)?
I want something in between Point in Time and Annual.
For example Dec21-March21 in averaged values so that I can place it next to a similar graphic using June21-Sept21.
This was a concept I had to create 8760 zeros and replace the hours i wanted to use with ones, but I think it’s instead just skewing the results.

Testing a model enough, I believe my method above does work.