Daylight Analysis-Point-In-Time Grid Based

I have tried the daylight analysis for an office building which has kinetic PV facade. The kinetic facade material is not completely opaque and it has the SHGC of 0.4. I have allocated these value on the shade component (ep_trans_sch) and found that there is no difference in the illuminance level while running the ‘HB Point-In-Time’ analysis, even though changing the shade transparency. Also, tried changing the values on ‘Modifier Set’. I would like to change the shading transparency based on the daylight analysis. Is there any other way to do this? Please find the attached screenshots below.

The EP construction hardly plays in the radiance simulation, so the ep trans schedule doesn’t help; however, the modifier should work, if you play with diff_trans values, it should change the daylight illuminance. Please try to upload the whole gh script.

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